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Count down this Brother

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Well here's #1,the scale $ucked,said it was 13.8,you'll see that's BS,But here's the first of the year,I'm not even going to show the scale Pic,I carried him back to the truck,He was 20LB's maybe a tad more.

Right spur

Left spur

He may not Qualifie because of not having a good scale,I borrowed a buddies fishing scale and weighed him right away,but he ain't no 13.8,so I'm not even going to put it up there,He wont be no winner any how,just a nice Ca. Tom ;D Off Public land. Every one in the world screwwwed my week-end hunt's up like you would not believe,but I set this boy free on Tuesday after letting them settle down and all the Idiot's go back to there day jobs. It was a good hunt that I thought would be over by 7 am but like most Turkey's they made it harder and it was 8 am till I got them to come in,I was about to make a 60 yard shot,I've done it before with my Browning Fullstrutt Turkey choke,then I got the hens to play ball with me,as the came with in 20 yards he was running so fast that when I hit him at 35 yards he did a header ;D Good luck to all you guy's on your opener.
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Sweet Tom,Greg ;)
A,Tom that big will go every bit of 20 pounds.
Nice Big Tom Merrium Tarkay. Congrates.

Enter him in - ya never know ?
I don't have a problem with ya put'n him in at 20 pounds, plus the rest of the measurement for a score.
Thanks,I'm going to have to get a good game scale,Just never had a need for one,Never cared that much,I'm not even sure how much my biggest Dorado or Bill-Fish weight,Darado...About 55LB's,Bill fish was a Sail-Fish about 160+,near Ixtopa Mex. Way down there near Central America,It's considered Central America. Biggest Bone fish about 2 LB's off the Cape of Mex.,Rooster-Fish about 50+ a monster Rooster fish,all released,I have some Pic's but only on film,Not Digital.OH Well.
Heres my favorite Pic of this Turkey....

Now that there ain't no 13 LB'er.Thats 20+
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That tom has 13lbs of feathers!!!
Congrats on a great bird! ;D
That is so Funny Bird :D That's what I was thinking after I cleaned him,I have a nice technique where I pull both breast & thighs,legs & feet,Beard and tail out leaving everything else in tact. I thought to my self that theres over 13LB's left??? In Carcase,guts & feathers no problem ;) Glad It ain't just me that had a problem with that scale :(
Sure is some nice country you have to hunt Greg.
He sure looks way bigger then 13 pounds,scale must of been way off.
Congratulations again.

Congrates to you Mr.Greg.
Them limbhangers look around 7/8 of " long. He is more then 13lb, Ya better throw that scale away and get ya a new one.
Ya,I'd say it's off a tad,look's like there giving me 20 LB's on him,thats fair,He may have been a little bigger,but I'll take it.Like I said,It's fair.
where did all you Girls go,your all out getting ready for tomorrow ;D arn't cha :D
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