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Cowboys TV Show

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I was watching a show on the Outdoor Channel, Cowboys. It's about the Cowboy Single Action Shooters Assn and that kind of shooting. This show they were at a guys ranch in N. Dakota that raises buffalo. The show goes on to show a lot of different types of "buffalo guns" and highlight one that the host had made up for him. It was a mini Sharps rifle chambered in .454 Cassul. Then the host and the ranch owner are riding horses on a buffalo hunt. The hunt climaxes where there are 6 or seven buffaloes, the host slides off his horse in his frilley leather period clothing, sets up some shooting sticks and shoots a bison killing it in one shot. Gots no problem there, but what did strike me as kind of hokey was you could see 3 of the fences of the pen they were in, litterally the pen was maybe 100ft square. The great white hunter shot the bison at maybe 15-20 yards and the buffalo were standing and eating where a round bale of hay had been. The others didn'nt even flinch when the shot went off. To me a real hunt would be oh I don't know at least somewhere other than a feed lot and with something other than a pistol caliber at a realistic range of at least out of bow range. There are some truly free range hunts, like Sasakwa went on, that would have been better to showcase the guns and tactics used back in the day, that would not feed right into the anti-hunters arsonal.
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Did they act like it was a wild hunt or were they just showing off their gun?I do not like the shows where you can see the fence in the background either.But if he is hunting legal I say more power to him.The anti groups would find fault with a free, wild hunt anyhow.One thing we do not need to do is fight amongst ourselves over how someone hunts.
I'm not real big on the canned hunts either. My cousin went on a hog hunt down in southern Ok a couple of years ago, and after two days of sitting in stands, and not seeing a hog, they got ready to leave, and told the guy putting on the hunt that they were disapointed about not seeing a hog. He non-challantly said that they didn't have very many hogs in that area, but "their hog" was in the pen waiting on them to shoot it. They opted to go home empty handed :mad:
WHAT? kind of hunt is that?

I'm into free range hunting.

But what ever floats your boat !!! ::)
It was somewhere around Gene Autry Ok. No wonder it was so cheap to go. I think they only got charged $125 for a two day hunt with a cabin an everything. ???
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