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As most of you know, the bicep tendon in my right arm decided that it didn't want to stay attached to the bone, so 2 1/2 months into it, I met with the Dr. and he said my bow hunting days were over, and got a letter that will allow me to hunt with a crossbow. Shoot, with the new regulations, it would only be 3 years until I hit 60 and then you don't need a permit. In my opinion they need to do away with the whole restriction and let you bow hunt with what you want like about 5 other states.
I'm sure its coming. It will just take awhile. In my research, there are a lot of misconceptions about crossbows. If the truth were known, a compound with good sights is probably more accurate, and will shoot further than a crossbow due to the kinetic energy of the arrow weight.
Went to Bass-pro and bought the Excaliber Equinox with the thumb hole pistol grip stock, and picked up the Scope accessory kit. Getting the time of year to do lots of farming, so I haven't taken a picture yet, but will get one posted.
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Dennis you couldn't of picked out a better crossbow.
Excaliber is the best on the market.

My x-son in law had 1.
It was either 200 or 225 lbs of draw.
He killed his first Elk with it @ 40 yards.
Using only 100 gain broadheads.
It went threw both shoulder bones...complete pass thru.
Elk just dropped in it's tracks.

Deer don't stand a chance with that crossbow. ;D
Congratulations on your new crossbow;Dennis.
May you smack down a fatty buck this season with it.

Dennis like Gauge said best crossbows on the market.
I might be a getting me one too.Have to see what the Dr. says.
Thanks! I did a lot of research, and listened to those that had advice. Just couldn't get past the lightest weight on the mkt, and great reputation. I guess it doesn't have the "correct camo" for me, but one had to do what one has to do to get back into the woods and take care of a little killin' ;) ;D

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Nice and silent death.
Mr.Buck or Miss Doe will never know what hit um.
this one is the 350fps model. I haven't shot it yet, as I'm still on a 15lb weight restriction, but when I bought it, I thought the crank was in the accessory package, as they have one on the display counter, but found out that its an accessory. I have to go to Shawnee tomorrow for company meeting, so I'll swing by Bass Pro and pick one up.
Ya that's the 1 my x-son in law had.
It was a pain to cock it by hand @ 225lb of draw.

The crank is a big +.
The rope cocker they supply only reduces the draw weight by 50%, so in my way of thinking if sombody can't pull a bow, they can't pull a crossbow either. Thats why I haven't shot it yet and need the crank.
As I've stated, I don't know why they don't just let you shoot a crossbow at anytime during the archery season. If you used the argument that some of the muzzleloaders use when arguing against the inlines......the crossbow was used during the crusades, and even before that??? Before the compound??? Is that not primiteve enough?? And the scope?? Scopes were used during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars??? How primitive do we need to be??
Rope cocker ???..We were pulling it back by hand.
No wounder it was killing me after 2 shots.
Rope cocker ???..We were pulling it back by hand.
No wounder it was killing me after 2 shots.
OMG!!! I can certainly understand that :eek: :eek:
The crank is like a boat winch with a little lock on it so it won't backfire. Its like a two finger thing. I couldn't use the crossbow otherwise
Me neither.Need a crank.
I shot his crossbow 4 times & didn't want to shoot it any more if ,I had to use my hands again.
225lb of draw weight ain't no JOKE
That had to hurt :eek:
Even wearing gloves, it hurt the tips of my fingers bad.
I went to BP again today on my way home from a meeting in Shawnee, and picked up the crank, a sling, and another half dozen bolts. I got it home, mounted the scope, and shot it out in the yard this evening. The first two were off the point of aim as the scope is not zero'd, but at 20 yds I'm lucky a robin hood didn't happen. They were laying side by side. ;D sticking out the back of the target.
The only problem is my arrow stopper. Its one of the Redhead bag targets. Its not good enough.The carbon bolt blows right through it and strips off the fletchings.
I'm open to recommendations for something easy to remove but designed for high speed equipment
The Block or The Block 4x4 arrow target.
It is a layered arrow target. It will stop them.
I didn't know when I'd get back to OKC, so I went to wally world, and got a knockoff of the block target. Said on there "great for compound or crossbows."
@ 10yds it buried it halfway to the fletchings, but at 20 to 40 yds it stopped it before the fletchings. At 38 bucks it is a pretty good deal.
Our Friend Dennis brought his cross bow to work today for a little show and shoot at lunch...Man...I'm kinda like the kid and the bicycle...I want one bad.....what a shooter...The first time I shot it was at 30 yards and if the target would have been a quarter, I would have hit the edge....very, very nice...
You didn't tell em' about my "soon to be world famous" trick shot??? ::)
You didn't tell em' about my "soon to be world famous" trick shot??? ::)
I was afraid they wouldn't believe it...when you break out the mirror then I will tell them that you skipped a bolt off the floor from 50 yards and still hit within 4 inches of the bulls eye...but until you use a mirror to aim...I ain't telling them nothing....
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