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Posted here because my wife shot him for me - not trying to claim any points for the competition

I came in early from sitting yesterday morning as I've got a cough that well, prevents me from hunting. Rather than scare everything off, I called it quits.

However this guy - who I've never seen before - came hobbling in under an oak tree below the house and started feeding on acorns at 0840. I could tell his rack was off from the dining room (my new stand) and thought he must be injured by his gait and scrawny body.

I snuck out and got one of my .308s set up off the back porch. And came back in to have my wife look at the buck though binos to see what was wrong with him. Since the corner he was next to is an exact 175 yards, and that rifle is a tack driver, we decided she should fill a tag rather than me end my season.

We snuck back out and she got set up in a prone position. No wind. Perfect except the buck was almost facing us and getting closer to disappearing. I told her to aim mid-neck where the spine would be and put a spine shot on him. You have to remember that she's a Veterinarian and has been forced to watch 1000's of hunting videos with me. She needed no further instruction.

At the shot, the strings were cut on the buck and he fell on the spot. Other than rolling over after he hit the ground there wasn't even a twitch. I was a pretty proud husband to say the least.

This dude was small, and I got about half the meat off of him that I do from a normal buck. Plus there was no fat on him at all. His hooves were cracked, almost like he was developing "slipper foot", usually a dietary issue. His insides, mouth,, and meat all looked great aside from the small portions. My wife said he was good to butcher.

The 165gr Nosler BT smacked the center of his spine right between the shoulders and disintegrated. It blew the meat just about clean off on both sides of the spine for about 4" on each side, but the rest of the meat (backstraps/shoulders) were perfect. I didn't even have to cut the esophagus to gut him as it had been grenaded.

Wife wouldn't pose in her PJs and without makeup for a photo...sorry.

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Cool little fella. Congrats to the wife on the back straps.
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