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Daughters first bird

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Since I am new here I thought I would share pics and story of my daughters first bird...

Addison and I got to the woods on 4-27-08 at 5:30 am...I had finished putting up the blind and was setting the decoys when she came to me and told me that she had heard a bird gobble behind us and I said honey it is to early for him yet(it was 5:45 am and still dark!!!!!)...but as I was walking back to the blind guess what???...yep I heard him...stuck my head in the blind and told her daddy was sorry for not believing her

We sat there listening to that bird gobble for a while and then 4 more birds started gobblin at daybreak...I did a flydown cackle and then got quiet for a while...got out the S & S Game calls Deadly 360 and sent some sweet yelps and clucks out...bird behind us nearly choked himself gobblin so hard...I waited for about 5-10 minutes and this bird gobbles again and he has close the distance.

I sent a few more clucks out and he gobbled hard...by this time we could here him coming but couldn't see him as he was just over a small rise...I threw a few more clucks out and he nearly blew our eardrums out...I asked Addison can you see him..she said no but that she was shakin so hard she didn't think she would be able to be still....a minute or so later she looks at me(cause she is facing me looking out the back of the blind)and says Daddy I see him and he is strutting...I turn my head and see him just as he drops out of strut...he takes a couple more steps and that head comes up...I tell her...shoot him...shoot...shoot him!!!!!!!!!!!...and BOOM...she sends a swarm of Winchester 20 ga. 2 3/4 inch 4 shot at his noggin and drops him at 20 yards...we both jump up shoutin, laughing, and crying and go out to her bird...we just stood there hugging each other and thanking the Good Lord for this day.

stats...21 lbs...10 inch beard...3/4 inch spurs

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It doesnt get much better than that!! Nice bird and a Awsome story to go with it!
I can sure see the proud looks on your faces. ;D That bird is a trophy for a seasoned turkey hunter, and will be hard to top. Great story and pictures! ;D
What a morning spent well taken the kid out for a shot on her first turkey.
Congrates to the both of you on a fine Tom Turkey.
She made a good mess of his head with her 20 gauge.
craig, that little 20 ga. will put the hurt on a bird...I told her that when I buy I her a new gun I am going to take that one and put a new stock on it(cause I had it cut down to fit her) and use it my self...shootin only 2 3/4 shells it is deadly out to 30 yds....I think with a 3" mag it will be deadly out to 40-45 yds.
That is a great story, nothing better than hunting with your kids. Hope to do the same with my new grand daughter some day. Wish you all luck on her first deer hunt!

Oh by the way, welcome to the site!
Rick, Indeed it will.
What choke constriction is it? Full / X-Full?
It's a H&R or a New England single shot right ?

Have you got your "Indian Creek" { Black Diamond Strike / Turkey Choke Tube} Yet?
Last we talked, you said you were looking into buy'n 1.
Craig, it is an xtra full choke in a H & R that my Dad gave me for dove hunting when I was 12...I took it to a gunsmith and had it modified for turkey hunting...I am still lookin at gettin the Indian creek but I gotta go back to work first...been out of a job for over a year now due to back surgery...good news is I can return to my job as soon as the Doc releases me...which should be in a week or two...then I can startin spendin some money again ;D ;D ;D
Rick, Good to hear you can return to work after being off for so long.
All the best to you on the return.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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