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If you hunt deer.Do you hunt with?

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Deer hunting

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Also post a reply to how many days you think you hunt for deer every year.
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Seven- nine days if all go's good.
Average is more like five at best.
This year I got out twice.. Now that I am out of school and once I get a job I should be able to get out a lot more. I am hoping to get out most every weekend during rifle season.
Its hard t come up with an exact # of days, but by the end of the year, there should be around 25 to 30 days minimum + the 20-30 days in the spring, summer and fall getting stands up, working ground for food plots, planting food plots, clearing shooting lanes, and so on. ;D
I'm not sure how many days I actually went hunting..I spent more time getting my son and grandson deer that I did for myself. Then Dennis and myself went on the little hunt down by Gauge's area and had a wonderful time there as well. I think I actually hunted 6 days during the black powder and maybe 7 to 10 days during the rifle season. I know one thing...I'm certainly not ready for it to end..I plan on going doe hunting next weekend... ;D
This year it's looking like the #of days is going to be 1. But in a normal year I like to spend as many as possible. Back in the day, I'd hunt deer and quail almost everyday.
i think i was in the woods around 7-9 days this year.
In a perfect season I would just hunt 2 days ::) but I have probably been out 12 days this year.
I usually hunt almost everyday of Muzzle loader and Gun seasons but this year with my back out...maybe 6 days. Kinda sucky.
This year I did not get out for deer as much as I should have I was concentrating on elk. Last year I spent around 45 days or so hunting deer and bear
Having just moved back from Pennsylvania to Tulsa, I didn't have much time to bow hunt. I did get out about 15 times between the BP season and rifle.
Welcome to the forum mongoose! We will be looking forward to hearing some of your stories from Pa. and well as some new ones you'll be making here. ;D
Not done yet but around 20 days with bow,ML, and rifle.
Good to see ya here Mongoose. Welcome aboard!
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