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Doe #2 & #3

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Here the pics of #2 and #3 does for the record. ;D

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Big slap on the back to ya Dennis, that cross bow is working wonders.
Nice doe does Dennis.
good job gettin some does.
Dennis, that cross bow sure seems to be putting the smack down on them! WTG
Never had one run over 60 yds yet, and left a blood trail that a blind hunter could follow ;D
Dennis, what is the range of your cross bow?
Its 350 fps. The scope has pins for out to 50 yds, and you had best not shoot at the same bull. It will lay them side by side all day long at 50. I havn't had time to play with it more for longer ranges, but on the block target at 20 yds it buries the practice arrow/broadhead to the back of the fletchings. At 50 yds it sticks it to the front of the fletchings. only about 5" difference.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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