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dog box

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i'm looking for a cheap dog box anybody got any ideas?
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craigs list and classifieds... Other then that look for sales...I am assuming you mean one for the back of the truck for travel?
I built one out of the t1-11 plywood siding that they put on houses. Built a lightweight 1X2 frame and made it where if a panel got damaged, only that panel had to be replaced. It took one 4X8 sheet. About a $50 investment, and its big enough for a dog to sit on his haunches, with his head up to look out. I don't care for the short ones where they can't even get up and stretch.
Dennis, your in luck. I got a friend who has 1 for sale.
Double dog box- Diamond plated- Real nice.

Whats your price range?
Guage, Most of the factory built one I can't use as they won't fit into the back of my Toyota tacoma. Too Narrow. Thats why I built my own.
Dennis, my buddy has a nissan that the dog box went into..
They are narrow also.

He's asking $350.00 & it might be gone by the weekend.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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