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Donations for the 08' Turkey Contest.{ All Members~Please Read }Thank's

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Well how do ya'all think about this idea ?

Everyone who enters into the contest, donates some kind of turkey hunting equipment.
Examples: Turkey Call,Turkey Ammo,Turkey Blind,Gloves,Face mask,Box call chalk,camo hat.
Donations with a limit of up to $30.00 Max.
That doesn't meen you have to spend $30.00 on a donation, just up to that amount of $30.00.

Some food for thought. Since their will be 5 different categorys to enter into.
This would give each winner something besides just Bragging Rights.

All donations should be mailed to Okchunter.
Who,will hold all donations to be giving out to the winners;After the season has closed & the all scores add up.
Everyone should include: Shipping cost as well, to ship their donation to the winners of the contest.

All members who enter,should disscuss on how to distribute prizes won in the contest to the winners.
Meening once,{ Okchunter } has all donations,He could announce what has been donated & everyone go from their.

Well Ya'all...If you are in for this.

Please post below either Yes /Or No.
Majority Rules ok ? Ya'all.

Also,Okchunter would have to ok this...Since he would have everyones donations & This is His site.

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If you all want to do something like this I am fine with it. Although I don't have the time to manage it nor manage the funds and so forth. So if someone ones to take the lead and run a contest they are more then welcome but at this point in time my school schedule is far to crazy to even think about something like this. Also there are other more legal/tax issues surrounding such a venture for it to be officially sponsored by Oklahomahunter and until I have the time to actually check into it I don't wanna even dive into it at this time.

So I will stand that this site nor I will officially sanction nor sponsor an event and any contests that folks want to hold is of their own doing and they take full responsibility for such contests and/or give aways.

I wish I could just right now is not a good time for me.
Thanks --- Okchunter.

So, do ya'all still want in or not ?
Also, if so who would you want holding all the donations & distribute them out to all the winners.

If ya want, I will..I have no problem in doing so. Gauge
Thats a BIG NO!!!!! from me,It's was a gentleman's bet for Bragging rights and that is how it will stay if we're going to stay in,I don't speak for Rich so I'll let him have his own say on it,But He'll have to go it alone.
Sense a lot of our hunting will be done together when every possible and I have more time than he,on week days that makes my vote NO for me,and teams.
kele, I did mention something about donation in that thread as well.
Noone responded, Yet... Dennis mentioned something about a turkey striker to donate.
This is why,I'm ask'n everyone how they feel about it.
Personaly I will not enter any hunting contest as I hunt to put food on the table and to get out to the great outdoors. To hunt for any other reason for me is just not something I am willing to do. I don't care to brag about what I have bagged and tagged or however you want to put it. I have nothing to prove to any one as I have already proven it to myself.
Thanks Rich.
Duty note'ed.

So, I got 2 for no & 2 for yes.
Anymore thoughts or opions on this matter ?
Im in. I will also help manage it if that is kewl since I am probably going to loose. As far as hunting for food this is also why I do it but what the heck it sounds like fun.

I'm still in for the striker. Just give me another excuse to get in the shop and turn out another one. This break between hunting seasons, is killin' me ;D
At least the fishing is picking up ;D

I want one. There you have an excuse to go out to the shop.


Speaking of fishing I am gonna get out and do some fishing over spring break...:)
Shoot Dennis ..We all want 1...Guess you'll be busy ha ;D
so little time....so many strikers.....so little seasoned wood :'( :'( But! with a friends help, I'm getting a quicker supply of seasoned wood. ;D
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