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Dove G.T. { everything ya need to know } Sept 6th & 7th

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All right ya'all.
I made the phone calls this afternoon.
I got the ok to take a few xtra members for the 6th and 7th of September.

So, CW & Farmboy if you still want to hunt your in.

This is the way,I have ya'all down to hunt as of now.
[Okchunter]~ Saturday & Sunday...All 4 hunts.
[ELIP]~Saturday & Sunday ...All 4 hunts.
[CW]~Saturday & Sunday...All 4 hunts.
[Farmboy]~Saturday...2 hunts.

If,i have you down for a hunt & made a mistake.Please let me know about it thanks.

Morning hunts will start @ 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Evening hunts will start @ 4:30 p.m. - legal shooting hours.
Saturday morning we will meet early,I will cheek you for a plug in your gun if have a pump or auto shotgun.
Also your hunting license & H.I.P. permit.

You are on your own for food & drink.
I will have a ice chest for all to use or you can bring your own.

If ya need to know anything else,Please feel free to ask away on this thread.

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Yeah so um do we get a guarantee of a limit each day or our money back..:p j/k....I'll probably drive down that morning to your place and I'll PM ya on helping me make lodging arrangements for Saturday evening..No driving back and forth this season...
Ya, your guarantee on a limit.
Sure I'll help ya shoot um down. :D :D :D ;D had to...
....U left yourself wide open for it. Sorry.

See ya early Saturday morning for the hunt.
Doh I should have knew that was coming..:p Maybe this year I might actually get some..those darn birds are hard to shoot..
SWEET!! I'll be there with bells on!! I'll try to wear camo too ;D ;D ;D
okchunter~ I sure hope your shooting has gotten better buddy.
I'd like to see more doves fall from the sky this season.
Farmboy, You are coming down Saturday right?
Just want to make sure buddy.
Yep, I better do a 1 day deal for now, supposed to finish my house this week so I will probably be covered up with painting and moving for the next month but I want to make it down and at least get to meet everyone. I be there Sat mornin bright and early. ;D
OK, I'll see ya around 7:00 a.m. saturday morning the 6th of september.
Should be a good hunt to actually meet some folks off this here board..Then I can actually put a face to the person I make fun of..:p
sweet deal. im not sure when we (Elip and I) will head down there but it should be a good time.
CW, it should be a blast of a time.
You & ELIP need to be here @ my house by 7:00 a.m.
Do you 2 need a cabin to stay in for the weekend?

I'll send directions to my house to you & ELIP.
Look for a p.m. marked... Directions to Gauge's
sounds good on the directions.
im totally pumped. it should be nice to get back into the hunting.
Yes, indeed.
It will nice to meet ya & down some doves as well.
Yes Gauge, we will need a place to stay Saturday night. PM me those directions.
ELIP~ It's on the way.
Farmboy told me to night that September 6th & 7th are free hunting days.
No hunting license & no H.I.P. Permit.
But you will have to have. A valid drivers license for Oklahoma or proof that you are a resident of the state of OK.
Eh doesn't matter much to me since I already have my licenses...:)
Same way for me, but I just wanted it to be known. One less thing for Gauge to have to worry about. That way he can concentrate more on finding birds!! ;D ;D ;D
Me neither.I'm good for life.
The wife & step daughter will be able to go now.
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