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Dove Season

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Just 8 more days away.
Who is going out on the opener & where in the state will you be hitting the field?

I'll be hunting in Southwestern Oklahoma Caddo Co.
It's just a short 25 minute drive north of the house.

Best to ya'all that hit the field on September 1st.
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I'll be on the road to Lake Tannycomo in Missouri for 6 days of trout fishing on opening day.
With our plant overhaul sechedule this fall, getting the fields ready for wheat planting, upcoming deer seasons food plots, and my wife's schedule, there is only one week that we can take our annual fall trout fishing trip. We normally go in mid October when the big brown trout make their spawning run, but had to bump it up earlier due to the overhaul. Gets busy this time of year.
I am unfortunately going to be working pretty hard and not looking like I will make
it until the 2nd or 3rd weekend. I had to cancel my combo dove/hog hunt down in Texas.
I have so much work to do at the lease before the opening of bow season. I have to
move a few ladder stands and brush in 6 or 7 blinds. Not enough time and hope to do some
work during the day and get some dove hunting in during the morning and evening.
Dennis~ have a good fishing trip.

caresut~Hope you get a good hunt in before the action slows down.
Thanks Guage, I am sure I will get out some, just not the first 2 weeks.
I am going down Saturday to check Game cams but will not be able to stay
for opening day. I am just going crazy because I haven't checked the cams
in a month.
I bet caresut.
Sure sounds and looks like a great lease you got to hunt on.
I'll be going out on opening day just North of Tulsa on some private land that I know of. It is right on a flyway and I spotted about 500 of the little winged buggers this morning out there.


Opening day is about all I am going to be able to get in for the next couple of weeks with the nationals coming to the range.
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