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I have around 12-18 mallard floaters unweighted keels.
Carrylite,Flambue,Greenhead gear/Avery.
They are used & still in good condition.

Also have..."Real Image" 12-18 Mallards & 2 Canada geese Silhouette.Plus carring bag.

$65.00 takes all.{Shipping is X-tra}
Reasonable offers welcomed.
Send me a p.m. for more info/photos or email me [email protected]
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What gives? You looking to get new deeks or throwing in the towel?
I won a bunch of new ones @ the D.U. W.H.P. event.
I won a bunch of new ones @ the D.U. W.H.P. event.
At it again I see. You need to stop hording all the luck and share with the rest of us.
Honcho's Dad was the big winner.
He won something off of every table that night.

I won 1/2 doz Woodducks Pro-Grade GHG & 1doz Hot Buy2 Mallards.
I was happy.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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