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Ducks Unlimited stuff for sale (brand new)

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Hi everybody, long time no see. I've got some decoys and a gun for sale. Here's the list:
Greenhead Gear decoys -- oversize series mallard and wigeon 60/40 snap lock;
life size pro-grade rester-style Canada goose.

Benelli Super Nova with DU stamp (black, not camo).

All items are brand new. I don't know the prices yet, but was wondering if anyone would like to make me an offer. I'll pay for the shipping or bring it myself possibly. Thanks, Victor.
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Send me a P.M. with pics on the decoys & I'll send ya a price for the Benelli.
My D.U. Staff is giving 2 of them [ Benelli's ] away this saturday.
I have someone interested in having one.
I'm interested in the deks.

I'll shoot ya price will pay for the Benelli,Just let me know Yes or No.
I know what D.U. gave for the gun. So, I wount cheat you out of the price.

Okchunter, It's the same Benelli-I have.
Yet it's all black.
Pump action 12 Gauge 3 1/2" Magnum.
Vic, I got your P.M.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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