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Early Teal Season

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Well, It has been good about 300 blue wing teal out on the lake to shoot @.
I shot 2 hens down Sunday Morning for a double.
I'll have photos up here soon to show in the hunting contest forum.

Any of U been out yet for early teal season?
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We ain't got no early season. We start next month why it is still hot and it starts to rain and storm at the end of the season to get the birds flying good right before it closes 100 days after it starts,This state SUCKS. All the seasons have changed in Ca. just not the hunting seasons,Try bow hunting for deer in 105 degree Temps. Their not only hiding,your sweating so bad you can smell your self coming ;D
Out here in Oregon we had a early goose season started on the 6th of September ended today. Regular season starts next month and runs until February. I missed the early goose due to residency requirements but will be a resident by the start of next month.
Here are some photos from the hunt.

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Kele,I reck'n ya need to move out of CA before it catches up to you.
We both know CA has sux'ed for hunting for along time now.
That was 1 of the main reasons for leaving that state 9 years ago.

The Bear hunting is still good.
Maybe u can take 1 this season.
All the best to you bro this season, out their in CA.
Cool lookin' birds, Gauge. I've never seen blue winged teal before. Are they about the same size and flying pattern as green winged teal?
Thanks buddy.
Yes,There pretty much the same size.They fly the same as the g.w.teal dos... like a F-16 tomcat.

We had about 300 BW-Teal on the lake...We didn't even see a GW-Teal during the early [Teal Season] ???

Look forward to later on this waterfowl season on getting together again and giving ya chance @ some ducks you haven't shoot @ yet.
Yes. Let's try to get something cooked up for the Pintail/Canvasback season. I see the season is from October 25 through the end of November. Maybe some weekend before the deer rifle season?
Actually {Pintail/Canvasback Season} for Zone 2 is not till Dec,18,08'-Jan,25,09'.
So,We can work something out for after Deer Gun.

About mid Dec is when both start to show up here pretty good on the lakes & ponds.
So, a late Dec on into Jan hunt would be best.Also the Canadian Geese will be in thick as well.

I'll see about hunting on a farm pond for Redheads & other ducks if your interested.
I'll have us hooked up right with places to go.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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