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Who are these guys?? and how much CRACK have they smoked???? ??? ::) ::) ::) Number 1 and 8 are things that just happen, but the rest are just stupidity. I sure would like to know the story behind #7 too. :eek: I have logged MANY MANY hours in a tractor cab, and quite a few of them while mentally impaired but have never pulled any crap like that!!
#7 is a mystery for sure. ??? A sink hole is the only thing that comes to mind ??? I just can't imagine that spray rig being stuck, and all those tractors going into the same hole and getting stuck?? ??? Must have been one of those moments when "my tractor is better than yours"
Crack Babys for sure.
How in the hell do ya get 3 tractors stuck in the mud ??? ::) Ha follow the leader :D
I think I have worked for some of these people.
;D ;D ;D Me too. I have been in some of those situations but no pics to tattle on myself. ;D

Please step away from the heavy farm equipment. Please do not make any sudden moves. Everything will be OK

Should have seen me this weekend :eek: Buried the tractor in an unseen washout. Took two REALLY big ones to get me out. :eek:
If the OSHA folks got around farming, they would outlaw it. Then what would we eat?
Hold my beer and watch this ;D ;D ;D
i got a pic or two from work i can post i dig around and see if i can find em
Dig! We need the humor!:D
Awww Snap! moments. Love 'em.
OMG! that track hoe is in a really bad condition :eek: ;D
Not as bad as these!

The first 2 pics are a 330 cat trackhoe at the Groendyke ranch in Nash. This idiot was sent to pull a tractor out of the mud and ended up like this.

The rest are from a ranch west of Purcell. This is a RENTED 220 Komatsu with a 65ft boom. I got hired to bring in another hoe and dig this one out. The D6 dozer in the background tried to pull him out but just kept busting brand new 1.25 inch cable. FUN!!

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Thats some serious stuck there. :eek:

OK, I'm not a track hoe operator, and I wasn't there, but I've been sucessful using my front loader to push me out of a serious stuck condition every time. Its the other tractor without a loader that I get really stuck. You know more about these situations. Can they not push themselves out?
A trackhoe should be able to get itself out of some pretty bad crap, but you have to know when to abandon ship and save yourself. These guys were both inexperienced and got in over their heads before they knew it.
The orange trackhoe in the first pic I posted actually pulled itself out, we just had to stick another trackhoe boom out so it had something solid to grab and pull to.
Nothing beats a little team work ;D
here are the two that i have
the first is a john deere 7930 tractor and about 650 bushel in the grain cart. we had to take the grain across the mud hole to the semis before the river go out of its banks and put the field under water. this was on the salt fork river south of ponca city

i for get where this one was exactly...bosses son and wife got this machine stuck ALOT that summer. but its a 9610 JD combine with a 30 foot header and a mud hog fourwheel drive rear axle. gotta love the river bottom land my boss farms.

both of these events were resolved using a 360HP versatile tractor to pull them out. that summer we got alot of stuff stuck was very wet. i wanna say this was two years ago
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Thats pretty seriously stuck! I farm a piece on the Salt Fork West of I35. floods just about every year, right at harvest. Guess I'd better start getting crop insurance, or fish farming?
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