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FFL Dealer Transaction Charges

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Was looking at the Taurus 1911's on Dunns Gunshop website and was wondering, if you have a gun shipped to a dealer what do they normally charge for the transaction fee. I know that you use to have guns shipped to Walley World but don't know what they would charge.
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A friend of mine used to charge 25 dollars but that was about 8 years ago. Not sure now.

The guy I use in lexington charges $25, had one shippied in a couple months ago.
10% around $25.00
If that is the case then a SS PT 1911 might just be on the way in the near future.
Yeah I checked locally when I almost bought a new shotgun not long ago and the going rate was between $25-$35. So not much at all..All they gotta do is except shipment and run the paperwork.
A friend of mine has a brother that orders my guns...he always shows me the receipt and the total cost for him....It's just like any other tip...I pay him what I feel it's worth...normally the higher the cost the more I tip him...The last one was a Remington 700 stainless with laminated stock...300WSM....I gave him 60 dollars for his trouble...it was still cheaper than I could find in OKC...I do know that it is getting to be more and more trouble to keep the licenses...and for me it is worth something to stay out of OKC...
I deal with the same guy Sasakwa ;)
I have him on my speed dial ;D ;D
Was looking online at Buds gunshop and they have a FFL listing that tell the charges for each dealer and contact info. Most are in the $20-35 range. Some a bit cheaper some a bit higher. Anyone order thru Buds?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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