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Finally getting some sucess.

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I started my trap line Friday, and had no takers on Sat Morning, but did have a couple of sets where the bait was taken, and the traps weren't tripped. Redid the sets, and checked them this morning. Had two *****, and three skunks. I love taking nest robbers out of the picture. None of the beaver sets were visited, but I know there is one or more in the creek as there is fresh willow cut branches around the den.

I took pics of the *****, but got lightly sprayed with the first skunk when I shot it from about 15 yds, The danged wind changed and it drifted my direction before I could get out of the way. didn't get any pics of the skunks as I was Po'd about getting sprayed, and shot them with the .223 45 gr HP and it was a little too graphic.
Tripped all the traps as I won't be able to check them untill next weekend when I have 6 days off.
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