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Finally going back to work

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Well, after bein off work for over a year due to back surgery I finally got released by my Doc to go back next week....and man am I glad of that cause things had started gettin tight around here money wise...we was havin to go hungry so I could buy hunting gear...I mean you gotta keep things in perspective ;D ;D ;D
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Glad to hear your got the all clear. Hope everything goes well with the back and everything else.
Nice to hear ya got released back to work.
Hope all go's well for ya buddy.
Thanks guys...
I work with a good group of people and I know they will be watching out for me, so as not to cause any more injury to my back.
Just don't over do it buddy.
My uncle did that and after 5 back surgeries and who knows how many different meds' he is not the same person he once was ??? ??? ???

Just watch yourself.

Welcome back to the work force.

Yep, don't be a hero. Take your time and slowly it'll all come back.
Nothing I've ever experienced is worse than a hurt back. Take care. ;)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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