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First Gun?

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What was your first gun, and do you still have it?
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Savage Rifle- Model 110-E 7mm Rem Mag.
Nope, sold it to a friend & got a Ruger M77 MK2 7mm Rem Mag (what a big pile of crap it was).
Trade it in a Howa 30-06- Was more then happy with it.
Mine was an H&R .410 single shot. Still have it in the safe. Bought it used at a pawn shop when I was 11 yrs old for $17.50 that I had saved up from mowing lawns. Got $1.50 to mow a yard. Put half in a savings account, and spent the other to buy more gas.
After my dad and I bought it, we walked to the savings and loan and withdrew the money to pay my dad back with the shotgun in our hands.! He carried the barrel and forearm, and I carried the buttstock. They didn't even raise an eyebrow. If you tried that now, you'd end up in jail for life. :eek: :eek:
Mine was so long ago,I can't remember what the make and model was...No Jokes Dennis I was 4 years old,I think it was a Remington 410g single shot,The first gun that I hunted with at age eight was a Remington Mohawk 20g Auto..Loved that gun,hunted with it till I was 10 then went to an 1100 Remington 12g Auto,My dad had them all and had saved them for us,when he died at 52,His 27 year old wife gave them all to her dope attic brothers and cousins,Still like to kick some one's Butt over that :mad:
Just wasn't worth going to prison over ;)
Daisy pal BB gun, wood stock and metal barrel. Holds 350 BB's and shoots better than my sons Red Ryder.Got it around 1966
Single shot .410 from Sears. Use to hit quail quite regularly with it. Went to a turkey trap shoot and one guy sez "look he's shooting a pencil". Won a turkey tho.
Chipmunk 22 long rifle.
Stevens SxS 20 gauge model 311.
dad gave me his ruger 10/22 at about eight...still dont like an auto 22 sits around mostly collecting dust...it didnt last long when i found great grandads remington model 12C target pump 22 in the cabinet... next was his old H and R 410 single at age nine i think that he got in 66...living in the city at the time didnt have much trigger time...oh and i still have them all and the 12C is still driving tacks
Got the 10-22, and love it. BUT, I have my grandpa's Win Model 1890 Hex barrel pump gun now. I registered it with the Win Gun Museum. Its my favorite .22 rifle to shoot. (my first as well)
When I was a kid(just a few years ago) I used it to shoot the turtles in my uncles pond. Lost track of it later in life, but found out when my dad passed away that it was in his closet. My mom doesn't like guns, and told me to get it out of the house. I did, and its my favorite treasure.
H and R 410 single at age nine i think that he got in 66...
I have my H&R .410 I bought at 11 yrs old with money saved from mowing yards. Cost me $17.50. :eek:
Dad used my money to buy it used. That was in the late 50's. I need to research the SN to see when it was built
ive pretty much retired my old hex barreled pump tho the ruger may come out and play once a year...maybe...usually not by me, more so friends when i need a spare turtle gun...mainly shoot a 512 remington bolt action that i picked up a while back to complement my ole mans 510...

as for first ones i paid for my self i got my 870 i pushed a lawn mower for and then later a model 70 winchester i later traded to my dad these were before i was 13
I recieved 3 firearms for my 4th birthday. One was a daisy BB gun pump up youth model. It is in the gun room. A winchester model 190 blonde stock 22 semi automatic tube feed. It is at dads now. And a H&R 410 single shot shotgun that is also at dads now. I am thankfull now that when I wanted to sell them as a teen he bought them from me and has never gotten rid of them.

It is kind of kewl sometimes to go shoot the weapon that started it all.

It is kind of kewl sometimes to go shoot the weapon that started it all.

I still shoot my old .410, but pretty much reserve it for armadillo's and such in the yard.
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