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FISH pics and stories

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Post your fish pics here.

-All Trout-25 (min length 12”)
-All Bass species-15 (min 1 pound)
-Crappie, Bluegill, Sunfish, Shad-10 (no min)
-All Catfish-15 (min 2 pounds)
-All Carp-25 (min 4 pounds)
-Walleye-30 (min 12”)
-All Gar-25 (min 24”)
-Paddlefish-50 (min 30")
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16 crappie caught today

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At least you caught something. One bite in two days.
Nice catch Dennis, water was probably calm today wasn't it?
It was like glass until an hour before dark, then the wind kicked up from the north. In 10 minutes it went from tshirt weather to wishing I had brought a heavier coat.
Only got to spend an hour on the water tonight, but boated 11 crappie and 2 sand Bass. Wish I'd have got out earlier.

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Ill Get em added.
We caught 20 crappie today. I get credit for 7. just not my day to catch them.

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Dennis now that you are retired you can come down here and fish with me on my boat and show me how the heck its done.
We will have to work on that!
Here are 3 trout I caught a couple of weekends ago when fishing Blue River with Mason Banta.

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Nice fish
Good eats there! Congrats on the catch.
5 crappie and one hybrid for some points.
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19 crappie today!

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Nice. I guess your day turn out crappie.
Three crappie, and one saugeye

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Oh so you were the one who caught the saugeye. Heard about it this morning. Congrats!!
One Kentucky bass yesterday.

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21 - 40 of 47 Posts
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