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Flocks are still together

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More of my yard birds from this week. They haven't started breaking up yet.

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Re: Flocks are still togather

I know you can't hunt those birds, but that has got to be a test of will power!
Trust me...it is hard to do.
Good luck to everybody on this opening day of turkey season. I'll go tomorrow after work. I have a meeting to attend after work today for our shooting range.
They are starting to break up from one another slowly around here this week.

Dennis, looks like you got a nice long bearded hen in the 3rd photo.
She is to the right of the bird feeder & the 2 Toms feeding.
That bearded hen has a beard about 5" long. The hen with the 9" beard hasn't been around for a week or so. Hope somebody didn't shoot her.
Its 6am and I'm getting ready to go see if a longbeard has a death wish. ;D

I am noticing a few single hens walking the treeline here at the house, so I'm betting they have been bred, and are nesting now. The big flock is pretty much together, but the big mature toms have left.
Dennis, Just pop the bird when the wife is not home. Im sure she will get over it when you sit down at the table to eat it. ;D
She won't eat it :'( :'(
But, I did score this morning.... I'll get back with pics, and the story later. It was a pretty good one. Not trophy material, but better than average. ;D
Congrate's on getting a bird,Dennis.
Way to go Dennis, glad for ya!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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