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Flooding at the farm

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I could finally get to the farm after the record flood in chest waders.
Its pretty ugly. All of the equipment was about 10-12 feet underwater with exception of the tractor. I did manage to get it and a cultivator out before the high water. Some of it I still can't get to. The good news is that it got up to the spinner of the feeder that stays there, but not into the timer or motor. ;D The rest of it will just take lots of work cleaning and regreasing bearings, etc.

The turkey made it though!! ;D

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Looks like a great waterfowl place now.
Sure hope your house was not in there somewhere.
Sure hope your house was not in there somewhere.
This is about 20 miles from my house. I did have to help several of the neighbors move their equipment, and round bales befoe it got too high. some of it, like mine just had to get wet. What you see in the pics is after the water went down about 10'. It was one huge lake. One thing about it, like guage said, it is one good waterfowl place now. There were about 200 geese, and I don't know how many ducks on the cut milo field last night.
Dennis, now you got a place to waterfowl hunt close to HOME !!!
U got to love that.

I hate floods...we have been flooded out twice in 3 years.
It would be if I hunted waterfowl. Used to a lot, but got away from it several years ago.

OKC, I'm not sure the jeep would do to well there. I had just cultivated the fields about 12" deep. Just before the floods got here I had the neighbors JD 8650 4WD, 8 tired tractor in there trying to get my implements out, as my 2WD tractor was helpless in that mud. I just about stuck it. I sure wouldn't have wanted to pay him back for that tractor if it had ended up under water. You stick one of them, it takes a tank retriever to get it out. :eek: :eek:
Dang Dennis I sure feel for ya man. That is what our land looked like last year with all the rain. I was driving my truck thru some of the flooded roads to check fences and had to stop to let two beavers swim by. That was time to turn around.
I'm going to back over there and see how much if any it has dried out. Even if its still partly flooded, I need to get back in there and try to cultivate some of the dryer ground. At least knock that out until the rest dries out.
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