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Forage Soybeans for your food plots!

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If anyone needs some forage soybeans, let me know! I am now a dealer for Eagle Seeds' Forage Soybeans...these things are amazing. I've seen them get chest high on top of a mountain in SE Oklahoma. If they can do that there, they can grow well anywhere...and on ideal sites, they have known to get to 84" (7 feet). These are the best you can get, I guarantee it.

One, 50-lb bag plants 1 acre:
Large Lad - $53.94/bag
Big Fellow - $53.94/bag
Habitat Haven $64.58/bag
Game Keeper - $66.70/bag
Wildlife Manager's Mix - $75.00/bag

...plus shipping or delivery charge, unless you want to come here to pick it up. If you're interested, let me know and I'll get you an order form.

Thanks for any consideration! ;D
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These, by the way, are RoundUp Ready beans...meaning that they can have RoundUp Herbicide or other approved glyphosate product sprayed directly over it without any ill-effects, killing the weed competition...definitely a great product.
If anyone is considering these, please note that I plan to place the first order the week of April 20, so please have your orders in by April 15, so that we may have all of the formalities completed and be ready to go! Thanks guys! :)
FYI...all that is left is the Wildlife Manager's Mix to purchase now
Order will be in soon for those of you that may have placed one...we will have some extra Wildlife Manager's Mix to sell, so anyone that's wanting to try these out, let me know asap! Thanks, everyone!

(918) 919-8815 or drop me a line at [email protected]
are these bean inoculated or do you need to do that i would like to see a 84" bean that would be nice
They are not inoculated, but no one I know of has used an inoculant either. I'll be planting about 3 acres of them and I won't be using one. If you have it available though, I would definitely suggest to use it. I'm going to use a "poor man's" inoculant and mix a half bucket of soil from our ag field in with them before I broadcast them.
Innoculants are cheap for legumes, and in my experience really help with the germination rate. Thats just in my soils. Yours may be different. A good soil test only cost about 9-11$ It goes to OSU, and if you list what you want to plant they will reccomend the correct fertilizer, lime, or whatever.
Yep...soil testing is the best thing you can do for your food plots...as long as you follow up with the recommendations, that is. You'll need to concentrate on getting the pH correct, first, then the other nutrients. With the beans (that have been inoculated), you need very little nitrogen to get them going...the phosphorus and potassium levels are usually the most critical.
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