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G.T. for all members & family

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Well Ya'all,who wants to get together this early summer & go fishing with a BBQ?
We could have 2 G.T's. So everyone could attend at least 1.

Say a max of a 2hr drive from home due to gas $'s.

Lake Ellsworth,FT.Cobb Lake, or Waurika Lake would be a good place to go for catfishing & have a BBQ plus camping if ya wish to.
These 2 lakes are around a 2hr drive from Yukon & as far as Love Valley~Oklahoma.

For ya'all that are up north & far east...Well ? Kaw Lake,Tenkiller,Sooner,Grand Lake?

Lets keep this thread going & will get one or two under way here soon.
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All come on ya'all.
Stop just view'n & start post'n.
It's a good way to meet new people & make new friends/hunting buddies.
Or how 'bout Okmulgee lake, pretty lake and good picinic areas. Just don't know how crowded it gets during the summer now days. Use to it wasn't very crowded even on weekends.
June or early July.

Just need to keep all opions open for now.
By the end of May we should have a G.T. all worked out.
Whether I am there will greatly depend on what my load is like for summer school...So you all schedule it and if I am not over loaded with school work I and the family will be there..
I'm like okchunter, I'm open for any dates. If I'm in town, I will plan on being there. I don't care about fishing but I am sure looking forward to meeting yall.
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