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G5 Company is make'n Bow's Now.

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I just found out today.
They are called Quest, in 40-80 pound draw weights up to 80% let off & 26"-30" draw lengths.
31" & a 33" Bow.

Might have to check 1 out before buy'n a bow.
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Gauge, I got my bowtec tomcat last week.
i love it.
If they are as good as their broadheads, it might be worth a look ;D

Here is one of their broadheads on my hog I got two years ago.

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Do they have a website where they list their bows?
okchunter, I'll find out and get it posted up.
Ok,more info for ya'all.

G5 & Ross archery are making the bow.
Still no photo's of the new Quest Line of Bows yet.
Ya got to shoot the TomCat Gauge, when you come over Saturday.
Shoot your the one who told me to go buy it.
I love it too. He He He
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