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Garden season pg rated?

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Its that time of year again to get the garden ready. ;D I guess some of it should have been in by now for the cool season plants, but I haven't got anything planted yet. Did get the tiller out and go over it once about a week ago though. One thing I don't have to plant is the asperagus. Our patch is about 3' wide and 25' long. For the last couple of days now, we have been getting a small handful every evening. I love that stuff.

How many of you put in a garden? We mainly do tomato's, several varieties of peppers, hot and mild, onions, carrots, green beans, watermellons, and cantelope.

I did have some pictures I wanted to share with you of some veggi's that grew last year with that 60" of rain we had all summer.

The boy/girl tomato's grew on the same plant.

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:eek: Porn Veggies. :D
Ya got some weird veggies growing in that garden. :D
Maybe the wife and I should quit the adam and eve business in the garden and move it somewhere else ::) ::) ;D
Dude...What type of Fertilizer are you using???,that Bell-Pepper looked like a Swan :-\
I like the Boy/Girl Tomatoes myself ;D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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