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Gauge & Tulsahunters's...Waterfowl Smackdown {1-9-09'-1-11-09'}

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Tulsahunter came down to my neck of woods on Friday for some waterfowl hunting.
We had some great hunts despite the weather we had.

Friday evening,We went on a scout hunt.
We had about 40 minutes to hunt on Friday & bagged two hen Pintail 1 a piece.

Saturday morning, Tulsahunter got 1 drake G.W. Teal,1 drake Pintail & I got 1 drake Mallard.....
1 drake Pintail & 2 drake G.W. Teal
Tulsahunter lost a hen Mallard that morning :mad: :mad: :mad:.

Sunday morning,Tulsahunter got 1 hen Gadwall & I got a Canada Goose.

Here are photo's from this this week & weekend.

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If you are anywere near pack saddle there were more geese then, I could count on Friday.
Seen some pintail's also.
If,I had some steel shot and my duck stamps, I could have got my limits.
Duck Duck DUck Goose, Boom!!! Real nice shootin bon apetite
Thank's buddy..We will.
We got the bird numbers around here as well.
Yet 99% of the time the weather is how it will play out for ya waterfowling.

Thanks for the report on how good the numbers are up in the northern part of the state.

We could of limited out both Saturday & Sunday.
Saturday we had enough of been Popsicle sticks.
Sunday we were just to tiered to walk the x-tra 500 yards to the birds.
All I have to say is it was the best of times. My only complaint was I wish we could of found the hog that I shot on Sat. It was the best weekend I have had hunting in recent years it was a blast.


Gauge I can not thank you and your enough.
Great looking birds guys. ;D Sounds like you had a really good time. ;D
Your more then welcome anytime.
We need a boat for the next trip & the hog or hogs will come home.
Nice shooting with the Hevi-Shot Tshot I gave ya to use.
100-110 yards & stuck a pellet or two threw the lungs.
I wish we would of had more day light as well.
Thanks buddy, & congrates to you this weekend on some fine upland game birds.
Gauge is definitely one hell of a host. Next season I am going to get down that way a whole lot more.
Had a feelin ya'll two would let some smack down loose. Good huntin guys!
Thanks Bird.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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