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Get in the hardwoods!!

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I dont know whats going on in yalls area but, the deer aren't touching my corn anymore and the acorns are falling like crazy right now. I think i am going to focus on the timber next time i get a chance to go. They are calling for a rain and cooler weather wednesday, so i am gonna try extra hard to get out there. ;)

Hope everyone is having a safe and successful season so far, good luck on your next trip into the woods!!
Tub ;D
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Good advice Bowhunt11, I also noticed the acorns on the ground but right now the deer are still hitting my food plot and feeder.
Bowhunt11, you have seen what I found out a couple of years ago. When the acorns drop food plots, feeders, etc, have no effect. They will be on the acorns. A coulple of years ago, I leased out some ground that was planted in alfalfa, with a soybean field on the other side of the fence. There was a hillside of blackjack, white oak, pecan, and sawtooth oak. I spent many hours on a stand and saw two button bucks. ??? I even had a trail cam on the area and never saw a buck.
I look at it like this, when the acorns are dropping it's get 'em while you can for the deer. Acorns are still their favorite food. They usually know that all the other goodies will be there after the acorns are gone. Kind of like me and morrell mushrooms.
OMG! I aint had a batch of shrooms in a long time!
Hippy~ ELIP... J/K ;D ;D ;D
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