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going on long break

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C-Y'all next wednesday. ;) ;D
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C-Ya then Dennis
I thought at your age you was all ways on break :-* :-* :-* I'm right behind'ya,Have a good one Bro,
I thought at your age you was all ways on break :-* :-* :-* I'm right behind'ya,Have a good one Bro,
COME ON! Shoot, I have to come back to work to get some rest ;) ;D ;D

It was a good break until last night. I'll find out more when I get a visit to an orthopedic doctor today. Pretty well trashed out my right arm. Something popped in there :'(
ouch!!! Hope all go's well for ya Dennis.
Just got back from the doctor. :'(
He said I had a torn lateral bicep ligament. Have to take a MRI next tuesday and then will see if surgery is going to be necessary. :'(
Sure screws up my skeet/trap tournament I was going to in Ada this weekend. :'( :'(
I had a part torn bicep and messed up rotator cuff worked on last year. Worst surgery I ever had. They did'nt even fix the bicep, just scoped and cleaned up the rotator cuff. I hurt for a solid three days afterward. Did'nt have as much pain when I had heart surgery.
Good luck on the arm Dennis, hope ya get healed up quickly.
Hope all go's well-Dennis.
That has to hurt twice,messed up bicep & no shooting.
Got my MRI this morning. Looks like its the bicep tendon thats torn loose. It can't be repaired orthoscopically so it surgury next Wednesday. I told the sawbones that he gets the honor of being the first person I've allowed to stick me with a knife. 10 weeks recovery. No fishing, no shooting, no nothing. :'( :'( :'(
But he did say that I would recover 100% and be stronger than before because they found some old damage in there they will fix at the same time.
Guess it's bad news good news. Glad to hear that after 10 wks you'll be better than new. Good luck to ya and hope you get a cute nurse at least.
Get it done now,Dennis.
Hunting is right around the corner & ya'll be a brand new man come Sept,1st.
Wish ya all the best on a speedy recovery.
Hey everyone I just talked to Dennis and he is at home doing fine...told me that he hasn't had to take any pain pills yet but his arm is pretty well in a cast...I think they called it a splint but he said it looks like a cast..anyway, he is doing fine and told me to tell everyone hello....Sasakwa
Tell him we sez Howdy and hope for a quick full recovery.
I'll tell him Bird...I know I miss him at work...It sure makes the days go by faster when you have some one who shares your same interest in hunting and fishing like he does...
Yep tell ole Dennis we said hey and hope all goes well..
Wish ya all the best on getting back to hunting soon,Dennis.
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