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Got another buck

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Went out with the crossbow in the hellacious wind this morning. (56 mph gusts) I didn't think anything would be moving but it was a day off and It seemed like the thing to do. My ladder stand has a shooting rail around it, that makes for a perfect place to lay my head and take a nap before daylight. I woke up a couple of times before light, and checked around, and saw nothing, but then I guess the 18 hr day at work, the day before caught up to me and I was asleep until about 8:30. Looking up, I saw the 9 point that had been coming by the stand all season long with one exception, it was limping badly. Front and rear??? My binoculars couldn't focus at 10 yds, but I could see that there was a problem with the right front and left feet. The buck had 3/4" brow tines, strange for the bucks in that area as they have heavy browtines typically. I could see blood coming from the hooves of the rear leg, and decided to take him as a cull. He was browsing from some bushes, and when shot, he jumped and ran about three steps and stopped. ??? Kept chewing his cud, and I was shocked that I had missed him ??? ??? About 20 seconds after the shot, he staggered and fell to the ground. :eek: Raised his head once and expired. Must be my year for mercy killing ??? This buck was taken on our DMAP, so with the short brow tines, I guess its good to get it out of the gene pool. If your wondering why the zip tye aroud the antlers, or the legs in the other pic of my deer, its the law that requires you to attach something to your deer with your name and license #. I use a ultra fine sharpe and the zip tie to do that. I write it on the front and back side so that it can't get drug off when pulling the deer..

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atta boy
nice kill
Great buck-a-rooski Dennis. ;D
That crossbow has done you great this season buddy.
Them brow tines are lil nubbies, but other than that he's sportin' a fine rack.
Kind of looks like the brow tines on a mule deer.
Nice deer...and crossbow. My buddy, Alphonso, was talking about trying to find a good crossbow. Who makes it and where can I find it? Would you have any others you might suggest to use?
After my arm surgery this spring, I knew a crossbow was in my future, so most of the summer was spent on research. I visited about a dozen forums that deal with crossbows and decided on the Excaliber Equinox that shoots 350 fps.

I listened to lots of people in trying to decide on the recurve style or the compound bow style. The advantages of the recurve style is that if a string breaks on your hunt, another can be put on right in the field in minutes and your back in the hunt. The compound style is not as wide, and may be marginally quieter, but no faster, and if you break a string your done until you can get to a bow shop thats open.
For all styles of compounds they are noisy, and at 40 yd shots they may jump the string more than a standard compound. Limb Saver makes some items to quiet a crossbow, but they all steal velocity.
Top of the line crossbows aren't cheap, but I'm certainly happy with mine.
Yep, Dennis [Excalibur Crossbows] are the best on the market.
Require little to maintain & simple to use.

Like you said add the limb saver goody's & it will quite down a bit.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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