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Went out at daylight this morning with Gunner, my buddy and his two dogs.
Hit the first spot, and flushed a covey of quail, but they flew low, and towards my buddy, so just got to watch them fly.
Its so dry it sux. Finally got a point from Gunner, and the quail flew right into my face. If there had been a badmitton raquet handy, there would have been one in the bag ;D
Flushed singles three times, but each time the birds flew just over the grass, with the other dogs in the area, so we never got a shot on them.
Went to a different area thats a lot bigger. Kept getting false points, so knew we were moving pheasant. Got to the end of the field and they flew out the other end.
Worked the field the other way, when Gunner got another point in the cattails of the dry creek. I was about 50 yds back, and the rooster flew before getting in range.
Heard something running through the cattails. Thinking it was my buddies dogs, just watched, but at the end, a coyote came running out at 40 yds. Hit him with the right barrel of 1 7/8 oz 3" Mag, and rolled him. He was struggling, so put the left barrel on him, to end it.
Nice looking coyote.
We worked to the end of the field, where my buddies pointers both went on point at his feet. The rooster came up, and he held off until it got out a ways. I saw the hit, and it crumpled to the ground. We got the dogs on it, and never found it for quite awhile. Finally gunner went on point again, but was acting funny. He was pointing at a badger hole in a bank. He finally dove in and started digging. We've seen roosters run into holes before, so let him dig. He dug for awhile, before we called him off and went on. Never did recover that bird. I hate it when that happens. :mad:


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Nice yote and side-by-side. Never could get the the feel for shooting them so I went with a vert stack double.

Glad y'all got on some birds. Thats all part of the enjoyment.
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