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Got word today from 7 Mag Man.

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Some of ya remember 7 Mag Man.(Dale)
Well,he contacted me today from the N.A.H.C. in a p.m.

I sent out our home website addy to him. www.oklahomahunter.net

Hope we see him back on the board soon.

He was looking for us.

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Alright, glad to hear that he's still on the planet.
yes indeed that is good to hear..I was wondering where he went off too..
I never go there anymore.
me either Dennis..I haven't been on that site in ages..
Same here,I just pop in & out every month or so.
I can't believe that after all the complaints about posting pics, and how difficult it is to post, they have still never fixed any of the problems.
I know, that is why they are not used as much in more.
Problems, what problems, there ain't no problems, since there aren't any problems we don't need to fix any problems.
WHATSSSS-UPPPPPPP I BACK FROM THE DEAD no just joking had some problems to solve could be on the web. SURE have missed all of ya'll hope everyone is well & BLESSED. Opening Day I set up on a roosted tom from the night before had the decoy's out and ready sunrise i yelped once he souded off flew down and sounded off again iyelp twice he started coming my way 80y & then boom boom two guys set up 100ys to south of me i has happend several times two on public land hope ya'll have had better luck.
Heeeeyyy look what the cat couldn't cover up! How ya been Dale, glad your back. I know what your saying about the lock jaw problem on the toms.
Boy,the other day,they where all fired up in the tree's and even when they hit the ground,then nothing????after about 45 minutes they started again,Jakes,then Toms chasing Jakes,then nothing again.
That why I ended up with Jake for supper,They was getting spooked by something besides me,they couldn't even see me???Crazy Birds.
Greg ::)
Welcome back Dale.
Welcome back 7mag! ;D

I know what ya mean about the public turkey. I've been hitting them hard. Put three hens and 1 tom to bed one night and went back before daylight the next morning. They flew down so close I could hear the wings, but they never responded to a call and walked down the other side of the field. :'(
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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