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Great News..Today.

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I got a letter today from:HEVI-SHOT.
I'm a new addition to the HEVI-SHOT...PRO STAFF...TEAM. ;D

I can't wait to get my ammo & Pro Staff packet.

Waterfowl & Turkey hunting will be awesome this season !!!
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Heck of a deal! ;D Your not going to have time for hunting with all the events ;D
I'll be hunting,You can bank on that buddy.
O' and with their stuff to boot,You can't beat that at all.
Hevi Shot!!! Now that's a deal. I sure became a fan of it last spring.
Looks like,I'll have the ammo for us this spring bird.
Sweet both Mossy Oak and Hevi Shot now I am envious..:p Congrats bud..
Thanks Buddy.
I'll have us hooked up for waterfowl season as much as possible.
Yep I am in for some duck and geese this season..Had to miss out on Dove this year but won't miss out on waterfowl and hopefully can get in 1 or 2 deer hunts this year.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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