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Gun Dog/family dog

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Can a gun dog make a good family dog as well?
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I had heard that but I had also heard that they don't mix. I think Ill go with your opinion. I seem to think that is a good balance, and it makes sence about there being a connection.
So I have been taking everyones advice and can personally see that being a family dog is making her a great hunter too. She seems to want to please me by doing what I ask of her in the field and at home.
Learned alot from you guys, but as you know Kele is an exceptional dog. I have heard alot of debate in regards to dog training and wanted to get some feed back from everyone. Between what I learned from you and Kele and the info I got off the boards here I have turned my dog into a real good working dog and family dog. Shes had some gun shy issues but with trust building and constant work she is starting to turn into a gun dog. Last weekend I took her out and she did very good around the sounds of gun fire at the duck ponds. So how have you been? Its been a while.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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