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Ok sometime next year the wife and I plan on buying a new dog.. I am wanting a lab since the primary use will be waterfowl..My question is does anyone know of a kennel where you can buy fully trained dogs? Preferably here in Oklahoma so I can drive to get the dog. I have found lots of kennels for pups from proven blood lines but I really would like to buy about a 2yr old Lab that is trained to retrieve for the most part. yes I am being lazy and I don't want to train one..:) I have been working with my setter so she can point and retrieve dove and quail and maybe eventually pheasant but since most of my bird hunting will be waterfowl I want to eventually get a great gun dog..
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Try- Black Diamond Kennels...
I'll look for a phone # or a email addy for ya soon.
Cool mainly just doing my research now so when the day comes and I can afford to I am getting my self a good waterfowl dog..:) If I have to go the pup route I will and send it off for training but would rather buy one pre-trained.
Mike to bad you can't make it out here,this Dog came from the #1 Gun Dog Kennel in Ca. From Champion Lines.

You've seen my Cheasy,He's a Champion Breed and the Yellow lab is also,there is an art to knowing how to pic the #1 dog,stick with Craig,he's probably as knowledgeable as me if not more!!!

The first Dog the pointing Cheasy!!

8 birds 8 shots because of the dogs ability to allow me to get right on the bird,this took less than one hour,7 birds came out of the first pass,as I headed back to the beginning of the 10 acre field he picked up the sent of #8 and pointed him out,and that was that!!!

The Sunday before,both of these Geese came from 55 yards on one of them my dog was in the water waiting before the Goose hit.

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Greg, congrats on the new puppy..I'm thinking you'll have another wonderful buddy to go along with Kele..Now it's Kele and Shooter...I did show Girty a picture of Shooter and now she is all giggly...she wants me to send a recent picture of her to Shooter but I keep telling her he is too young...but anyway..enjoy your new companion my friend....Sasakwa
Thanks Buddy,you know I think I see a pair dropping all ready :eek: :eek: :eek: I thought that was pretty quick for 9 weeks and a few days. Lets see He was born on August,31 2008, 73 days divided by 7 make him 10.4 weeks,that's it. Which is perfect because he's due to see my vet in two weeks for his 12 week old shots.
Give him a year.
This thing came with a 3 year Guarantee against any genetic defects 100% either a new pup or your $$$ back,I've never heard of anything like that,Hips & eyes have been Certified!!!+ they Gun train him over 30-40 birds,I didn't even need all that but am not turning it down sense they have a Master gun Dog Trainer on sight. We'll hook'em up on a date next year ;D
I didn't know Girty was a puppy molester :eek: ::)
I wouldn't say she was a molester...just extra friendly.....you know...kinda giggly....we better leave it at that...
Purty good lookin pup ya got there Kele. Looks like Cheasy is already earning it's keep.
Thank you. That Cheasy is probably the best hunting Dog I've ever seen and the first one I've trained,He points,Flushes,Retrieves and even ate a burglar the other day. A Dog of many talents,If I can improve on my training with this one it will be a miracle,He all ready is stronger headed than the cheasy and is doing some retrieving on a very regular basis and I've even put a pellet gun over his head and he grabbed the dove,He ate the dove,but this is to be expected by a 10 week old puppy,the pro's say you shouldn't start working on the soft mouth till later,but Kele all ways had one?? One thing for sure is HE IS A HAND FULL :eek:
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