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Gun Sale!!!

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Outdoor America on McCauther in OKC is having a pretty good gun sale, saw the ad in the Daily Oklahoman. They are also offering 12 month no intrest payment plans. Ad had some pretty good prices looked like. And for you .223 shooters, FMJ 20rnd box $7.65. That's $191.25 for 500rnds. Cheapest I've found on the internet is around 230 bucks for 500.
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I've been in there a couple of times. Maybe I was just there on a bad day or something, but it sure seemed the employees all had a bad attitude, and just really didn't want to help you or answer any questions. ???
Yeah it's not my favorite place to dwell shop, but for .223 that cheap I had to go in. Got a thousand rounds to split 'tween me and the BIL. Picked up a Boresnake for the .270-7mm that will cover my .270 and 30-30 so I'm good on the rifles now.
I need to get another boresnake too. In fact, I need a couple more.
I hate that place. Ive been the only one in there before, in uniform, and couldnt get a soul to help me.
So, maybe their like that every day :mad:
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