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gun season

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Today was the last day of regular gun season. I hope everybody that had a chance to get out had a good season. For me, the best part of it was getting away for some much needed vacation in the stand, where it seems a lot of life problems seem to melt away. They will always come back, but when on the stand I kind of revert back to some of the old hunting writers(I read a lot) about how they really appreciated the outdoors. I don't care if its a squirrel barking at me for being in its territory, or being totally scared out of my britches when a pheasant came up underneath my foot this afternoon while on a doe drive, I just can't imagine being anywhere else this time of year. I've seen some great bucks, but never close enough to take, and seen some good bucks that have walked right on by that could have been taken. We still have lots of bow season left and some doe gun hunts if your in the right counties, but gun season has somehow always been my time. Fortunatly for me my wife know this and encourages my participation. I guess life is better for her afterwards with a clear head and heart.

Life is good in the stand ;) :D
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Wonderful my friend. It is truly a special time. No matter if I'm seeing anything or just setting there, I am totally convinced that I'm a step closer to God and all his creations. Thank you for reminding me of that feeling..Sasakwa
Yep just can't beat it..This year I got to take my 2 kids and boy did we have a good time. Hunting skulls and bones and of course the deer as well..They like to watch the birds and listen for the geese.
I understand what you mean about feeling closer to God while on stand. I did not get to hunt much this deer season due to my back being so messed up. I truly missed seeing the sights and hearing the sounds of the world waking up of a morning and getting ready to sleep as night comes.
Wish, I had more time to fill my antlered tag.
Went out twice,got 1 & seen 1 on the second trip.
So, all in all it was a good season.
Since deer hunting is my least favorite to hunt.
Couldn't agree more with you Dennis. Work has me wrapped up again to the point I'm starting to put in some job apps to get out of the one man shop status. I need my time in the woods and I live in the country!
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