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Happy B-Day to me.

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Well,I turned 35 today. ;D
Got to keep my truck & my house due to my b-day presents CASH-$$$.
So its been a good b-day,all in all.
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While thank Ya,Farmboy.
Now all we need is some Ice Cold~ Bud Light.
Thanks bud.
See ya in the tavern.
[glow=red,2,300]And several from here in T-Town![/glow]
Thanks Bird, see ya in the tavern as well.
OMG!!! Your getting OLD!! Seriously, happy birthday ;D ;D
lol What's up old man..:p Shoot I'll be 36 this year so your right behind me..:) Ya know I have way to many friends with July b-days and both my kids are july b-days as well..Anyways glad ya had a good one and just keep on moving forward..:)
Thanks~ Dennis & Mike.
Happy belated birthday;Gauge.

thanks Jazz
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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