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This number will cost you $95 a minute!! Its is a spam call and the only thing you will hear is mexican. It has a + in front of the number. The numbers are never the same area code, or number. the only way you can spot it is with the +
examle: +806-956-9988
Caller ID: +806-956-9988
Caller: unknown

Three of the people I work with just got a call with the + in front of it. It was reported on KFOR-tv This morning. click here to go to it:

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Yes,Thanks for heads up Dennis.
I got a call on our work cell phone that had nothing but a mexican voice. Lasted 'bout 30 sec's till I hung up.
I got a call on our work cell phone that had nothing but a mexican voice. Lasted 'bout 30 sec's till I hung up.
Thats one of them. Make sure your employer checks his bill.
The guy that I work with that got a call yesterday, immediatly called AT&T. The person he talked to had not heard about this yet, as its so new.
Hope these guys get caught and sent to the 11yr old girl in Montana
that would be true justice :D ;D
It happened to me!Wednesday afternoon bout 3:30, I heard the voice, gave em a few choice words and hung up. I saw this last night and called ATT, they noted it to my account and said if it shows on my bill to call in and it will be erased, no problem.
Talk about widespread. :eek: Right now I know of at least 10 people that have got that call.
Any Scam they can think of and get away with ???,Hang'em all,So is it just in Oklahoma,or is it all over?
I don't really know if its anywhere else. I haven't heard ???
I got my second one yesterday...I was expecting a call and so I just answered it without looking at the number....sure enough...it was some spanish speaking recording...the number I keep getting is the same one that Channel 4 shows on their web site...+302 694-9988...I sure would like to have about 2 minutes of private time with these people....it would sure get western and probably take away the urge to rip people off.......now I get to stay on the phone for probably 20 minutes getting ATT to take it off my bill.....
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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