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Here he is

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Last season I got this pic of a really good buck. I waited all season for him to show up, and what I didn't know that he was laying 200 yds from me, shot in the butt by a road hunter. He made it 1/4 mile and died. we found him on the opening day of Pheasant season. :'( :'(

My buddy got him mounted with another cape so at least he gets an honorable place in life

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wow. thats a bad ass buck. to bad he went out the way he did.
That is a funky rack. What would that extra point score as? ???
The extra beam would count as a deduct from the gross score as there is not another one like it on the other side. I do stand to be corrected on that though.
He's a nice 1 for sure & got to go on the wall of fame after all that happened to him.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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