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Hog Hunt

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Any of ya'all interested in going hog hunting this early fall ?
Late Sept,Early Oct.

{ Guns are permitted-Rifle & Pistol. }

If all go's well on this new chunk of land.
I'll get a G.T. going for a weekend hunt.

Give me some imput ya'all ok?
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Would love to. Where at?
Hee hee hee, you know I'm in! Like to try out the .45.
Count me in for this for sure..Just need dates so I can add it to the calendar...
Hee hee hee, you know I'm in! Like to try out the .45.
me too! my arm will be good by then ;D
The hog hunt will take place on one of the following places.
East of Lawton on Hwy 7 to Beaver Creek/ Or West of Lawton over to Hwy 62 to Cache OK.
Their is between 2000-4000 acers to hunt.
I'll be spending sometime on both places to find which will be the best for a G.T.
Dates for the hunt will be announced sometime in September.

The hunt will take place on a weekend & may or may not include a mix bag...1 Deer & Unlimited Hogs.
I'd like a cool down in the weather before hosting this G.T. So it may not happen till late October- Will have to see.

I'll keep this updated about every 3 weeks up till September.
Then about every week till the hunt.
Someone say HOG HUNT??? I'm in there like a fat mans thong!!! ;D ;D ;D
Someone say HOG HUNT??? I'm in there like a fat mans thong!!! ;D ;D ;D
OOWWWWWWW I just got a visual on that :-[ :-[
We have some land leased West of Manitou out that way.
There are getting to be more and more hogs out there
every year.
I've heard that there have been a few show up around Kaw lake according to the local ranger, but the deer hunters have kept them in check so far.
I put out some soured corn and a couple of gamecams out on our place
a couple of months ago. There was alot of fresh hog sign in that area so
I thought I would try it. I have not made it back out there but plan on it in
the next couple of weeks. It has always been feast or famine with the hogs
on our lease, either they are all over or there is no frsh sign. They say they
are awful rangy and that is what I have seen. The farmers around my place seem
to do a pretty good job of keeping them in check also.
one of the guys that work for the company i'm with owns land in Tx below lawton. He goes out there at night with a spotlight and gets several with his AR. Just leaves them lay. :'(
I have tried, but still can't get an invite, and I want to kill them to eat :'(
No sence shooting um and waste um.
That's a :'( shame to hear that.
Kind've a coincidence, but the farmer I lease from called today and
said he has hogs coming out on the same field every night right now.
We are going to load up a couple of rifles and give it a try Sunday night.
Hopefully I will have some pictures Monday morning of a couple of hogs.
I can hear the sounds of bacon frying already ;D ;D
Best to ya caresut.
We look forward to the pics.
Gauge, I'll keep an eye on your post here for more info closer to the time to hunt them pigs.
I'm looking forward to hunting again with a rifle. ;)
It's been close to eight years now. :mad:

I'm still waiting to go cheak out the places to hunt & the regulations.
Should be soon.
You know you can count on me being there now that my ride is back in order and a hunting vehicle at that..:)
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