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Hog Hunting this weekend in NE OKlahoma

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Anyone interested in coming. We are going to be up around Cleveland OK. I spoke with the warden last night and he told me they are getting overran again up there so we are talking about going up there Saturday morning. Post here if interested.


You will need the following:

Hunting Lic and legacy permit
Warm clothes
Rifle or shotgun if using shotgun no shot larger than bb or you can load slugs
Sidearm highly recommended perfere 9mm or larger with extra mags or speed loaders
Hunting knife
A willingness to have a good time and walk your butt off
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michael, did yall do any good this week-end?
Ended up not going. My buddy had to back out at the last minute and the other guy that was going didnt have his rifle sighted in so I decided to stay at home and start getting the 100,000 rounds of brass that I have for sell cleaned and sorted.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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