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HSUS Trying to Mess With Country.....Music that is.

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HSUS Tries To Slip One Past Country Fans[/t][/t][/t][/t][/t][/t][/t][/t][/t][/t][/t][/t]
Friday, March 20, 2009
The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the most radical animal "rights" and anti-hunting organization in the country, has been quietly trying to get Carrie Underwood voted Entertainer of the Year via the Academy of Country Music. The problem is, a large percentage of country music fans are also gun owners and hunters who do not like Carrie Underwood's active support for HSUS. And HSUS knows it.
Underwood and American Idol have already listed HSUS as a beneficiary of the proceeds of one of her songs and now HSUS is enlisting their radical animal rights supporters to vote for her in the Entertainer of the Year contest. But they are trying to keep it quiet. In an e-mail sent out to supporters by Kathy Bauch, the HSUS Senior Director for Corporate Relations & Promotions, she asked people to vote for Underwood, but added, "Feel free to distribute this to friends and family, but please don't post to lists, twitter, etc.--anything that would identify that HSUS is urging people to vote for her, or it could just breathe life into the opposition."
Oops, too late!
Perhaps someone should tell the folks at HSUS that e-mails are not exactly the most secure way of communicating their "secret" agendas. Country music fans who do not appreciate Underwood's support for HSUS should go to http://www.cbs.com/specials/acma/vote/ and vote for an entertainer who shares their values and supports America's hunting heritage.
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I appreciate the fact she is from Ok, but do not do the CW scene.
I'm not suprised that she is in alegience with them as she is a vegetarian from way back. Nothing wrong with that, but that is a personal choice. I don't go on the veggi sites and forums advocating them to eat venison, my personal favorite. ;)
I remember hearing a story about her throwing a screaming fit because a caterer included a meat item for 'other people that aren't vegetarians' at a concert that was being held in a Nebraska cattle pasture. Her tirade continued onto the stage where she preached to everyone that they shouldn't eat meat. She should have considered her audience because she proceeded to get booed heavily for the comments she made. The next act, which I believe was a band called 'Trick Pony', got on stage and said, 'Eat more beef'. THEY got cheered.
Can't trust anybody that doesn't eat meat. Its like they think they are bettter than us carnivours. I think the lack of protein makes the brain mush. I love animals. They taste great!!!
I believe like my bumper sticker says " Eat beef the West wasn't won on salad"
I used to have a bumper sticker on my jeep that showed a nice pork chop that had the words "Cat the other white meat on it" I was living and working in California at the time and I got a lot of fingers sitting in traffic from all the left wing hippie pukes. I just laughed at them and they did not know how to deal with that. At one point I seriously considered getting a stuffed animal cat and Tie it to my rear differential like it was on a leash and I forgot the cat was back there just to shock the crap out of folks, but decided not to as it might cause an accident or something. ;D
You would be like the guy here in my home town that inherited a WW2 era Willis Jeep from his grandfather. He completely restored it to original condition to include the star on the hood. He mounted a De-militarized .50 BMG on it, and drove down the main road in town. Didn't take too long before the police were all over him ;D Seems he scared a few folks with his new toy. ;D
He just drives it in the Veterans day parade now.
Well heck, can you believe the uproar over the fake bull nutz on pickups?

I believe like my bumper sticker says " Eat beef the West wasn't won on salad"
In a nutshell that sums up most of the problems in America today. Hard working risk takers make a nice place for themself to live, then when all the hard work is done and it is a nice place to live, then comes all the bottom feeders who want to change it to "their enlightened way" of life.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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