All, this ad is for Vicky who is trying to sell some of her husband's hunting "stuff" after his passing. I'm just a facilitator and stopped by yesterday to look at it all. I did not write down all of the details on everything nor take pictures but I'm sure that Vicky would answer any/all questions. I will answer what I can. If you want a picture, send a reply to me and Vicky. She only has her phone(no computer) so difficult to post online.

There is a fair amount of lightly used hunting clothes. Good quality. Redhead/Bass pro mostly. 3X is the size on all I looked at.
Pants, jackets, overalls, coveralls, rain pants/jacket, hats(stocking caps and billed).

She has 2 aluminum tripods for either a camera or spotting scope. Extendable legs. One is a Targus and in own bag. The other I didn't write down but was by a camera manufacturer like Pentax(not it but similar).

Boots size 14. Rocky insulated 1400 gram about half tread left, Gander Mountain lightweight insulated about half tread maybe more, Red Head insulated rubber boots and another pair of uninsulated rubber boots.

Barnett Headhunters crossbow and bolts(10 I believe). It was bought from Dick's but I couldn't find any information on it. I think it's 2013 based solely on a Google search. Looks to be in very good condition and has a Scott scope(3-9 power). Has the hand crank and manual rope.

Knives - several different ones including a Buck Pathfinder 105 with sheath. Nice knife but edges have some scratches from sharpening. One collectible.

Duffle bags of all sizes. Probably 6-8 of them.

Camo sleeping bag and king size camo comforter.