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Hunting club in Tillman County

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We are looking for 2 more hunters for our lease in Tillman county. It
is 2800 acres and includes the use of a nice ranch house on the land
until Decenber 7th. The farmer rents it out to an older couple from up north
for 3 months after that. There are creeks and alot of thick cover. Also, the
farmer usually has at least 2 fields in alfalfa. There are tons of deer and
I am getting hogs on the game cam. The farmer shoots quite a few hogs
and I have seen a few while hunting. There are 3 of us in on it now. I
am looking for a couple of more because the farmer is a good guy and
there is room. It is $1500/person for bow only and $2500 for year round
with ranch house when available. Like I said, we have the house from September 1st
until December 7th without question. He uses it for wheat harvest and sometimes rents it out to
people in the summer but if I call him and let him know I am coming it has never been a problem.
There are also good camping areas if the house is being used. I have hunted this place for 5 years and highly recommend it. If interested, let me know and I would be more than happy to give you tour.
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Thats only about a 45-50 minute drive from here.
I've killed two nice bucks from out in Tillman, didn't cost me a dime, but gas to get their.
Yet $1500-$2500 is to expensive for my blood.
I'll stick with with public land still,I hit the lottery.

Hope ya find 2 more to fill the lease,caresut.
Their are some hugh bucks in that county.
Thanks Guage, It is pretty expensive but since it includes a really nice house, it has
been worth it to us. We will still hunt it even if we do not find another couple of
guys. It is just alot of land for 3 hunters and the farmer is a great guy and
I am just trying to help him out. If you break it down for turkey, dove, quail,
coyotes, and deer for all seasons it is actually a great deal when including
the house.
yeah the deal is definitely sweet...I wish I could afford it but can't swing anything like that till after I graduate and get the wife a new house..
O' Its a good deal,caresut.
It just suxs not having xtra money for anything anymore. :mad: :mad:
I know what ya mean there Gauge not having that second car payment sure has relieved some financial stress for us..nice bonus each month..I just need to work and start bringing in a pay check..
You still looking for someone to join?
tyebron, I sent you a pm.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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