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I think he thinks NC is North Carolina vs North Central OK. 🤣😂🤣
For sure when they say Kansas and Nebraska are useless to look at. Best part about driving through them is at night. Your imagination takes over as to what your missing vs was your not actually missing.
Lmao I absolutely was thinking North Carolina. At this point in life I just go right along with logic or the un-logical lol. No reason to argue with either. Hahaha

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Hey everyone, new here. I don’t have Facebook or any of that other crap that does nothing but piss everyone off lol. Love to hunt and fish and really just seeing what my fellow outdoorsmen are up too. I have a wife, 4 kids and I’m an engineer for a company locally owned. Somewhere along the way I’ve lost all my so called friends and find my self experiencing a lot of the great outdoors alone (wife likes to hunt but we have no babysitter) and my kids are still a little too small in the britches to be going on my more serious hunts.
I guess the end goal is to find some like minded decent folks to maybe go on some hunts together, and/or at least share knowledge of the woods and hunting tactics. I do all of my hunting in archery only areas on public grounds (don’t have land of my own and this allows for less competition in the woods), and I’ve got many miles of boots on the ground in the Cherokee and Cookson GMA areas, along with Fort Gibson Corp land and have gotten proficient at reading Topo’s and Areal maps for locating key hunting spots. Attached are some of the scraps and sheds I’ve found this year so far. Also, if you like hog hunting, I know where some awesome spots are.
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Hey man, I'm new to the area and looking to hunt hogs on Cherokee PHA. Any tips on where to find them?
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