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There is an ongoing debate about whether the pressure waves created by a supersonic projectile possess the ability to disrupt the CNS.

...I have written my ODWC representative about it...

...just kidding. No, in other words, a hit to something that doesn't provide structural support or nervous system functions...but causes a reaction the same as if you shot the animal on the brain, or in the spine essentially. An example would be a shot through the heart where the animal dropped in place instead of running 10-50 yards.

I think most hunters have experienced it at one point or another, but I had it happen to me on 5 of 23 of the last pigs I've shot. Too small of a sample size for statistical reliability, but enough to observe a trend.

- 185lb boar shot quartering away. Bullet entered behind the left leg crossed through the heart area and exited forward of the right leg. The boar made it about 1 pig length at a full run from the grass evidence.

- 115lb sow shot in exactly the same manner but from right to left at a walk. She just dropped onto her chest right there.

- 165lb boar shot in the neck a good two inches under the spine, but through the carotid while standing still. Dropped in place and had leg spasms typical with a spine shot.

- 160lb boar shot on a perfect broadside in the high lung area, just under the spine and behind the shoulder blade. Dropped on the spot.

- 145lb boar hit at an 11 to 5 o'clock hard angle. Bullet broke the rear hip/leg bone and traversed into the chest cavity without exiting. Blood indicative of lung damage was present in the nose/mouth region. Hog fell over as if anchored.

I know some people don't believe in it at all. I was actually surprised to find out about that as I never knew it was up for debate. I guess that is what happens when you live this far out in the country.

I've experienced this before with the 6.5 Grendel and 6.8 SPC, but not at a level where it happens over 20% of the time.

Any guesses or insight?

Attached is the most recent, crappy bullet review. The mentioning on hydrostatic shock is at the end.


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One can most certainly shoot an animal even in a non vital area with a high power rifle where the animal drops like a rock. The perfect example is what I call the empty zone. Behind the leg and below the spinal cord. A bullet passes through that non vital area, animal drops.
Hunter is all happy with the great shot, celebrates, climbs down and the deer gets up and runs off like it was never shot. I've seen that happen many times with reports on this and other forums. The bullet passing through disrupts the CNS with hydrostatic shock to the point it paralyzes the animal momentarily. That's just one example.

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I shot a deer in the “empty zone/ dead zone” with my crossbow. Saw the deer a week later on camera just fine. Bolt was banged up and covered in blood.
My youngest boy shot an elk at like 428y this fall with a 30-06 and 150g soft point. It dropped and rolled some 15-20y down hill and stopped. After a moment it got up and then trotted up hill about 400y and joined in with another group of elk never to be seen again.
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