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I got better then great news today in the mailbox.

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I got an envelope today from the (Oklahoma Department Of Wildlife Conservation).
It said we are pleased to inform you that you Passed the State Test!!!

In closed is this............................................... :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I'm on cloud 9 Ya'all. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
It took 3 times to get it passed.

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CONGRATS BUD!!! ;D ;D ;D Man, you got it goin on lately, sounds like one way or another you are bound for a wildlife related job!

Can I rub your head for luck?? ;D ;D ;D
Thanks my man.It's been a long time coming.
Sure go ahead.

Let's go get us a pitcher of Budlight in the Tavern & celebrate.
That is GREAT news buddy! Glad it finally happened. Now that your with the state, can I have you Mossy Oak job.....

Couldn't happen to a better dude.
I got my foot in the door @ both places.
I still have to interview with the State Dept of Wildlife Conservation.
I sure need 1 of these jobs terrible bad.
I sure thank the good lord above.
If,I get on with the State, sure hope i do..I might be relocating towards your way Bird.
Now that'd be cool. Any idea on what kind of jobs they are interviewing for?
Wildlife Tech & Hatchery Opperations.
They said @ the test most job openings are in the eastern part of the state.
It would be awesome to get on right here @ the Manning Fish Hatchery & Wildlife Management.
Just a minute drive to work.
Either one of those jobs would be cool, I heard one of the tech jobs is with the S.T.E.P. program, traveling around doing shotgun edecation classes. That would be awsome.
I know. They mentioned something of that @ the test that day.
Guess a hatchery job in the east might be down by Talequah, that's a pretty part of the state. Don't know where all they have hatcheries at but just gettin to one of them is a great first step.
Sweet congrats bud. I know you have been wanting this..You earned it..Now let's celebrate...Now if only my luck would change and go down the path yours has..:)
Your on a roll Gauge.
Congrates on passing the test & a application.
I wish you the best.
Thank's Ya'all.
I have spent the better part of this afternoon & evening working on this application and resume.
I hope to have it wrapped up by tomarrow afternoon.
Got to make sure it is all good before sending it back to um.
I want an Interview & a New Job.
It will make that 3 years of college seem not wasted now.
Oh,it ain't over yet,you'll still have the pleasure of going threw an interview with several people,the most I ever had the pleasure to be interviewed by at one time Was UCDavis,12 people at one time...Banging away Questions before you could even finish your answer,Thats all Debbie doe's these days is sit down interviews with 5-10 people at a time,No test.Just that... :mad: Not much fun I'll tell ya,I even got hired and turned down the job for a better one after all that.They thought I was crazy.Thanks,but NO THANKS.
To many politics at the large Universities,Running there entire Food program,Cooking,or running the cooking for all the people in the Dorms,4 Restaurants,and special events.You'd have to be a crazy-Man.
Good luck Bro,
Thank Ya Greg.
No problem Bro,Just don't let them see ya sweat ;D
Finaly got done with that application & resume today around 6:00 p.m.

It's going in the mail tomarrow & the praying starts for an interview.
We'll be praying for ya bud...It will allwork out and I have a good feeling about it..
Good luck Gauge

Hoping and praying for ya.

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