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Ill be back in a couple weeks.

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Ill be off line for a while. Im going up to the mountans for coastal elk for a couple weeks. Ill let you know how things turn out
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All the best on scoring an elk.
where you headed off to?
good luck with filling your tag.
Good luck on your hunt! Elk is pretty good eating ;D
Just got back a couple days ago. I had a great hunt. Did not get an elk but...the terain was absolutely beutiful. As this was my first elk hunt and I am now living in a new state, Oregon, I figured the odds were high that I would not come home with one. I did get exactly what I was wanted out of the trip. I did not have any fancy guides or booked outfitter. I was out there doing it my way. Which is the way I like it. covered alot of land by putting my shoe lether to the ground. Sometimes the moutains were so steep that it would take anywere from 1 hour to 2 hours to move less than a mile. I found were they have been traveling through and patroled this area opening day along a ridge line. I heard alot of shots coming from the valley below, So the next day I decided to go down into the valley and check it out. Lots of fresh sign there so I spent about two days in that area but. All the sign headed up the mountain were I came from. On the 4th night the elk actually skirted my camp so close to camp that the dust was very thick but they stayed out of sight and it is not legal shooting hour any how. So I just sat back and enjoyed the herd moving through. The next morning I went back up on the ridge line. They had ben there and it apears they stayed a while. They just stayed one step ahead of me the whole trip. Next year I plan to go out during bow season before they feel the pressure and then start out in the valley hunting. If I don't get one opening day I will spend the rest of the time on the ridge line. Most importantyly I took a dude with me that had never been out hunting before, ever. He had very little camping experience to boot. He is totally jazzed up about next years season, and looks forward to scouting with me this winter and spring. Its felt good to light the hunting fire in someone elses soul. Now that big game season is over for me for 2008 I can now concentrate on waterfowl. ;) Happy hunting to everyone and happy Thanksgiving
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Glad you had a great time and congrads on bringing another to the hunting fire. Sounds like a successfull hunt all around.
congrats on the good time.
where did you head to for the hunt?
CW I was hunting out here in Oregon up on the coastal mountains
Even though you didn't get an elk, it sounds like you had a real quality outdoor experience. Its fun checking out unknown ground ;D
yea i know. but where abouts? i just moved here from the coast of oregon
CW, I was hunting in the Trask unit off of Highway 6
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