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im going to pull a gauge

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well ive decided to see what the fuss is about with the 10 gauge so i ordered me a bps stalker in 10 gauge should be here in a couple months to do some field testing
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Mason, U'll love it.
Hope you can afford the Ammo for 1.
I can't...So,I traded it in on a New Benelli Super Nova 12 Gauge.

Enjoy it,Also I still have around 75 rounds for the 10 Gauge Turkey & Waterfowl ammo.
I'll make ya a deal on the ammo if ya want it.
:eek: :eek: thats a monster shotgun :eek: I pity your shoulder ;D
AAAHHH,YAAAA. I'm glad I'm not his shoulder,Your going to love it,try it out during Dove season :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Nice after 2-3 Boxes of shells in one Day and I can get a good deal on a barely use 10 G. ;D
Really Mason,Good luck with it,I'll bet you'll love it and it's capabilities 8)
The 10 Gauge Browning B.P.S. don't kick to much at all.
Hell it weights 10 pounds!!! That kills alot of the recoil.

Enjoy it.
Let me know if you want the Ammo for it.
Will work out a good deal.
will do im going to break it in during dove season but like yo said how much can a 11 lb gun kick im kinda a glutton for punishment anyway i almost got the light gold in 10 but decided to hold off
You shouldn't have to shoot to much,one shot and you hit at least one and give 2 more a heart attack ;D
You should of got the Gold 10.It kicks about as hard as a 20 Gauge Dove load.
Plus it weights close to 11 pounds as well.
Either way the Gold Light 10/Or the B.P.S. 10. Both are great guns & have less recoil then a 3 1/2" 12.
I use to own both.
Yep, I let okchunter shoot mine just before i trade it in.
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